We present ourselves as O7 Architects & planners, Handled by an efficient design team of four Architects, we create visuals of architectural ideas in the form of sketches, plans, elevations, details, three dimensions, etc. Our priority is giving our clients the ability to understand and participate in the creation of their dream project, and making a personalized, rather than copied, job of every project. We presently engaged in a wide range of architectural as well as interior projects. Started in early 2004, we have completed architectural services for several apartment buildings in Navi Mumbai and interior projects.

On the surface our designs speak in a contemporary modernist vocabulary, but on a deeper level there is an attempt to incorporate gestures that are defined and modulated by existing context. These site specific conditions are then inscribed into the larger design gestures are merged into a seamless whole. In keeping with the ever changing demands of modern urban living, apart from the above mentioned personal identity that defines each project. There is also an attempt to incorporate a certain degree of flexibility and adaptability for our spaces and believe in creating spaces that while being functional and cost effective would also reflect the personal aspirations and passions of our clients. Most of our work that has been completed till date for this reason has been done with a fair degree of client involvement and feedback.

As a part of our design strategy there is also an attempt to experiment and work with newer unconventional constructional techniques as a means to enhance the formal as well as the functional aspects of our designs. We can proudly say that even in this limited period we have been able to complete a many works that embody this side of our approach.

It is in the Design Department where ideas and visions are transformed into clear images. Run by a skilled and efficient staff of experienced architects and designers, the function of this department is to create systematic plans, blueprints, and sketches for the architecture and decoration of your dreamed-up composition.

As for technical designs, we have sister companies with electrical, mechanical and structural engineering backgrounds and standards to professionally execute any architectural, decoration and/or landscaping project.

Supervision is an important function and we ensure the proper handling of a project from start to finish with in the specified time limit. We supervise the execution and progress of a job to assure it follows specified standards. As a part of this architect will pay visits to the site at least twice a week and hand in progress reports to the client accordingly.

Adinath Patkar
Alex Mathews
Anil Koul
Swapnil Khairnar